Kenya is at crossroads. It's now clear that some people have another home to run to in case we burn. unfortunately, I have only one home in Kabiemit Ward, I will have to keep peace. My loins is still heavy with procreating seeds.

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Reaction 1: Resistance Nandi resistance The resistance occurred between 1895-1906. They were led by a leader called Orkoiyot Koitalel Arap Samoei. Reasons why they resisted include: To keep Europeans from invading their territory. To stop them from building the railway line through their land. To defend their freedom Nandi was the strongest community in Kenya because they… Continue reading AFRICAN LEADER’S REACTION TO COLONIAL RULE.

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Thomas Joseph Mboya-Biography

KENYAN TRADE UNIONIST AND STATESMAN Date of birth: 15 August 1930 Date of death: 5 July 1969, Nairobi Tom (Thomas Joseph Odhiambo) Mboya's parents were members of the Luo tribe (the second largest tribe at that time) in Kenya Colony. Despite his parents being relatively poor (they were agricultural workers) Mboya was educated at various Catholic mission schools, completing… Continue reading Thomas Joseph Mboya-Biography


FAMOUS REVOLUTIONARIES. Are you a revolutionist?

A list of people famous for starting and carrying out revolutions. A revolution is considered an event which has a major impact on changing the political, economic or social structure of society – usually in a short space of time. A revolution may be violent or peaceful to achieve its aims. The aims of revolutions… Continue reading FAMOUS REVOLUTIONARIES. Are you a revolutionist?